Currently a web application developer, maintaining and extending an intranet, hence the interest in Flex and web development.

Life In Brief

Spending most of my childhood, playing too much computer games, playing too much basketball, playing too much football a.k.a soccer and dreaming of making computer games one day!

Coming to Melbourne, from Singapore, the year I turned 17, and been living here ever since, though I have visited my childhood home country a few times (around 4 times if memory serves) since I have been here.

Started programming in BASIC around 13 years old, PASCAL soon after at a local computer training centre, then followed on by C soon after, and C++ at Uni.

Things I still do

I still have a kick every saturday, I had to drop basketball, I still program though in a different language of course. I sometimes think of how I could develop a game and launch it, but reality is it is now way too expensive for it to be sanely financially viable, unless I strike the lottery and a big one at that.

Closest moment to being a game developer

The closest I came to being a game developer was when we, me and a few close friends, were creating our own board(on paper?) game a decade back. Unfortunately, we did it during class, and it got torn apart by our substitute teacher. But the rules we came up with, especially the one about refueling aircraft and different types of upkeep was not seen in games till a few years after.

I haven’t got any good ideas on creating a ‘small’ game, maybe when I do I can be a small time indie game developer.